Encourage employers to compensate for the current economic living standards. Hold corporations more responsible for unfair and undue inflation in the economy.


Fix unfair pricing for all patients and fix the State Medicaid/Medicare plans.

Infrastructure Roads Transportation

Focus more on equivalency throughout the state with needed repairs and proper preparation for the seasons.

Affordable Housing

Equal housing opportunities for all wishing to start the homeownership process part of their life and keep current homeowners from fear of losing what they have worked hard for.

Budget Restructuring

Do a complete overhaul of the state's funding and income funds without raising taxes on the poor, middle class, or elderly.

Energy vs. Environment

Assess current energy and environmental impacts and stop future site pop-ups and construction during this process.


Revamp the stricter structure that has been put in place and truly treat it like the alcohol regulations that are in the state. Also, the need to adapt to other states regulations which would include the capital of the United States has implemented.

School Funding and Safety

Figure out why certain funds are not being used properly and balance all schools accordingly to include security walk-through monitors in all schools to deter violence with continued education about school bullying.

Illegal immigrants and Homeless

Find and fix issues that hinder progress and assist those that are willing to accept help and guidance.

Opioid Crisis

Combat the misuse of prescription drugs and homemade or imported narcotics.


Increase voters participation with an implementation of a new voting process to be more accessible in today’s technological world.


Investigate political actions, behaviors, and misuse by politicians on all levels.

This Is Just The Begining...

I’m just tired, like most, of the weak, poor, and old, being used for stepping stones.
Having to fall under those that do not care, nor give back to the people.
I am for the little guy, against corporations, and corrupt/bad politicians.

I just want people to enjoy life, be happy, and be able to show the progress of all their hard work.